It was early as a young entrepreneur that Mr. Manuel Guerreiro developed the taste for tableware and cutlery, starting his work in a small warehouse in the city of Loulé.

As a restless and very curious young man he was keen to improve his knowledge in the business, being always very attentive to the teachings of those who mastered the art and worked with him…

Aiming for perfection the young Warrior gradually became a reference due to his professionalism and became recognized and respected by his colleagues and masters.

In 1979 he decided to venture into the business world, and honoured the legacy of his former teachings and became CEO to the business founded by its former employer...

Always very attentive to the market tendencies, Mr. Guerreiro quickly became a successful businessman. His company (Andrade & Andrade) became a major supplier and a reference in the hospitality and restoration industry.

In 2003 followed by a successful market share growth, the company moved its facilities to the Industrial site near Loulé, where costumers can enjoy a great and comfortable showroom integrated within a 16.000ft2 facility.

Working with the best national and international brands and with a wide range of porcelain, cutlery, glass, plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, appliances and other items for hotel and catering, this professional team work in order to offer and advise each costumer in the best way, helping them in this amazing and interesting world of hospitality.

A traditional family business that feel thankful to the customer and work hard every single day to deliver an outstanding service to all that visit us and help us to grow as a business organisation!